Mirabelle, our young heroine who possesses other worldly powers, Cabanossi, a mischievous gnome, fairy folk, Zanya the talking tree, angelic beings, Sly the evil antagonist, and a utopian civilization existing in a higher dimension. They all come together in this uplifting, mystical, magical musical - perfect for our time.



The play opens with Cabanossi inviting the audience to consider whether the unfolding story is a myth or true. The fairy folk enter excitedly looking forward to their dawn escapades with young Mirabelle.  After scattering potash around Zanya the tree, Mirabelle forgetfully wipes her dirty hands on her nighty, much to the delight of Cabanossi and the fairy folk. Ma Annie, Mirabelle’s frustrated, anxious mother, who has no understanding of her daughter’s gifts, enters and castigates her… a common occurrence.

Feeling unaccepted by her mother and reliving the quarrel between her parents over what they perceive as her strange behaviour (which results in her father leaving home), Mirabelle seeks comfort from three angels who are her guiding lights. She tells them of seeing flashing images of a new, better world that she longs for. Even at this young age, Mirabelle has a sense of a destiny, as yet unnamed.

Later that day, at school, protecting her socially challenged friend Thomas from Sly’s bullying, Mirabelle is supported by Cabanossi who casts a spell on Sly causing him great embarrassment. Sly, already intensely jealous of Mirabelle, swears revenge.

Moving forward in time, Mirabelle is now 15. We find her sitting with Thomas in the schoolyard encouraging him to enjoy his unique qualities. Sly, who’s vengeful feelings towards Mirabelle have intensified, and who has been working at increasing his own dark, magical powers, enters with his class mates.  His attempt to cast a spell on Mirabelle is moderately successful, causing her to become very confused. Mirabelle’s more powerful counter spell causes Sly to spin and fall. This only strengthens his resolve to undermine her in every way possible.

It is the night of Mirabelle’s 16th birthday party, on which, in conversation with her angels, she is informed she is still not ready to know her destiny. With her party in full swing, and under the influence of a more powerful spell from Sly, Mirabelle dares her friends to watch her fly. Climbing Zanya, her tree, she falls and is rendered unconscious.

Two years later, while recovering from her injuries, Mirabelle admits to Ma Annie that she is having great difficulty remembering who and how she was before the fall. Her mother lovingly reminds Mirabelle of her special gifts, enabling her to begin to recall her past. There is a joyful reunion with Cabanossi and the fairy folk.

The angels now inform Mirabelle that she is ready to know her destiny. That night, the great luminous being Adama, High Priest of Telos, invites Mirabelle to join him in his crystal city. Her mission - to act as a bridge, an ambassador between this utopian realm and Earth.

The next morning, her dreamy dance is interrupted by a disturbing conversation with her two friends, Nada and Micaela and a separate, much more disturbing visit from her nemesis, Sly. She finds she has no choice but to render him powerless, and her spell, with the help of Cabanossi, turns Sly into a creature that skulks away.

Mirabelle then has to inform her mother of her imminent departure. Adama appears and they depart for Telos in a fabulous spaceship, entering the portal into the Crystal city of Light. There she is met by Romandahl who, as Thomas, was sent to earth to test her integrity, loyalty and courage. They acknowledge their true soul connection. A great ceremony ensues in a resplendent crystal hall in which Mirabelle promises to fulfill her destiny.

This musical has been inspired by, and is based on, The Telos Books Series by Aurelia Louise Jones with permission from Mount Shasta Light Publishing © Victoria Lee 2009


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Hey, when you were little did you ever own one of those head bands with feelers sticking up from them and pretend you were from another planet?

No. My Mum wouldn’t let me. She was always scared I’d choke on the little balls on top.

Eat your heart out E.T. You’ve got nothing on me.
I can fly across the moon landing lightly on Neptune,
In a huge, hot- air balloon.
I’m an alien too.

That is nothing, don’t fret, you have not heard anything yet.
I can spell xerophilous backwards and I know it’s meaning.
Yttrocerite, vigesimal through my brain is streaming.

My point exactly Thomas, I’m glad that you agree.
If I were your psychiatrist I’d charge a hefty fee
 ‘Cause you’re an alien,

I’m an alien?

I’m an alien too…

Elementals, Mirabelle and Thomas
Multidimensional, fully intentional we are aliens too, we are aliens too.
We can perform, we can perform, we can perform magic tricks, magic tricks, magic tricks.
Disappear at the, disappear at the, disappear at the count of six, count of six, count of six.                
Multidimensional, fully intentional, we are aliens too, we are aliens too.

We are kind to each other in every way;
Love to laugh and consider that all work is play,
And we do understand how you are the one
To be taking your place, your place in the sun
In this beautiful world.
We have a story, a story, a story to weave
Regarding our world, our world, our world, our world.
Awp- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- awp- la…

With welcoming voices you are among your family here.
This is your beautiful world.
With welcoming voices you are among your family here.
This is your world, your world, your world.
Awp- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- awp- la.